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Our Mahogany sleigh beds will be music to your ears

Published on 15th Nov 2011

The seven string viola de gamba is considered a crucial instrument in the baroque movement in seventeenth century France. The instrument was thought to be made of broad-leaved mahogany, Swietenia macrophyll, and was even confirmed by the ‘Museum National d’Histoire naturelle’ in Paris as recently as 1990 to be made of mahogany wood.

Indeed, the instrument was widely recognized for centuries as a beautiful mahogany timber, where pieces of music were written with the specific intention of being played on the instrument.  The mahogany timber the instrument was widely believed to be made of is a crucial element to its success and beauty; the quality of sound was thought to be because of the mahogany timer it was made of.

Yet recent studies have exposed the viola de gamba to be made of a South American timber, Cedrela odorata, not the mahogany wood which made it famous.

We find this hard to believe here at Grosvenor beds, because mahogany to us is distinctive and can never be mistaken for anything else! Whether individuals chose to ignore the obvious signs that this instrument was not in fact mahogany because they didn’t want to question the powers that be, or whether the experts genuinely couldn’t tell this timber apart from others, we’ll never know!

But one thing you can be certain of is that we know what we’re talking about!  We are experts in sourcing the most beautiful timber in hand crafting our beds, and mahogany is one of the most desired timbers to work with.

Our mahogany furniture and sleigh beds are elegant and traditional. The mahogany sleigh beds are made from the finest mahogany and are carved in to stunning shapes.

Give us a call today to request a viewing of our beautiful mahogany sleigh beds and furniture!
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